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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Monday, January 29, 2007


Above are a few photos I took while in Toronto
(with the exception of the balloons)

All my recently developed photos can be found here:

Saturday, January 27, 2007


As promised, my two Kensington market finds.
The white one has red ribbon detailing in the straps and the puple one has great pleat detailing in the collar and the skirt.
I wore the purple dress last night with grey tights, a black waist belt and my silver sneakers to Fuse @ the VAG, but neither are really winter weather appropriate.

Friday, January 26, 2007

One way to ruin the sunshine

Today is a beautiful day- too bad I'm working.

I was going to post a few clothing pictures but now I'm not in the mood.

Read the article linked below

While I support the right of every nation to proceed with energy initiatives that will help to improve their society as whole I couldn't help but feel ill while reading this. An increasing sense of impending doom just lurks in the back of my mind. As if the problems in the Middle East weren't complicated enough, Iran seems hell bent on acquiring a nuclear deterrent with which to combat the Israeli nuclear deterrent. Force doesn't work, so are politics and diplomacy the only things we must rely upon?

All that glows

This is the t-shirt that I bought at H&M and was wearing underneath the outfit I posted yesterday. Needless to say, she wears is better.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

These shoes

I love these shoes. If you have seen me in the last five days you have seen these shoes. They are metallic silver faux snakeskin high-top sneakers from zara. I love them. This was pretty much my uniform in Toronto. The shoes, skinny or slim leg pants, lotsa layers and either my Mackinnon original (one of the top five most complimented items of clothing I own) or an isaac mizrahi for target wool sweater.
one a side note... I had brought some fairly respectable items of clothing with me because I knew that I would go somewhere fancy for dinner one night. Instead, I showed up for my fantastic meal dressed like this (you can't see it but I'm wearing a t-shirt with an obnoxious neon and black print underneath) & ghetto-gold jewelry. Needless to say I was a bit embarrassed.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Observations on a city

I've spent the better part of my life ragging all over the city of Toronto. About eight months ago I decided to stop all of that. or at least try to subdue it. Sure it's kind of ugly, they have highways running through the city and its waterfront -emulating one of the ugliest city planning ideas to come out of the US- and their hockey team sucks but I had never been there, most of my friends seemed to really enjoy it and I was starting to wonder if all this negativity was just jealousie or envy.

I wanted to see for myself.
The following is a list of my observations:

  • Where are all the Tim Horton's I had been led to believe lined the streets? I didn't see one.
  • It really isn't that cold, except when you get blasts of wind in your face.
  • THERE IS NO WAY TO ORIENT YOURSELF IN THE CITY!!!! I am normally very good at getting around and gathering my bearings in a new city but this was next to impossible. A friend tried to be helpful, "it's easy, you just look up and wherever you are you can see the CN Tower and you know that that is South." This statement is a whole lot of bullshit. There are plenty of times when you get out of the subway and look around and there is no CN Tower. North, South, East, West I just couldn't figure it out- I tried, I tried very hard....
  • There is NO street sign a Young and Yorkville but at Bay and Yorkville there are 4. WTF?!
  • MTV, a Masonic temple and changing coloured accent lights just shouldn't be in combination.
  • No one really walks. Public transit is excellent, but no one seems to take the time to walk around and really appreciate their surroundings. Asking for directions inevitably lead to the nearest streetcar or subway and if you insist of walking you get the "ok, this person is crazy" look.
  • From atop the CN Tower Toronto reminded me of Paris. Flat city as far as the eye can see.
  • For a large city it feels like a small community.
  • Philosopher's walk is really quite pretty
  • The people who work at the Union Station Go train ticket booth are unfriendly and unhelpful and the ticket doesn't tell you jack-shit. Horrible customer service.
  • Eliot's Book Shop on Young st. is awesome
  • Only seniors and students go to free classical music concerts. Get there early if you want a seat; old people are punctual
  • There is a lot of interesting free/cheap stuff to do/see
  • Why was I led to believe that there are lots of hot men in this city? There aren't. (unless you want to put a qualifier inbetween hot and men, like, there are lots of hot black men in this city. This statement would be true.)
  • There aren't a lot of hot women in this city either, most of them are either hiding or originally from Vancouver or Montreal.
  • In general the guys dress better than the girls
  • A rich suburb is a rich suburb- no matter where you go in Canada (and probably the states). It's like standardized housing.
  • The NFB has $2 unlimitied movie watching. If you are in the city and have nothing to do or need a place to hide out take advantage of this
  • The chum city building is a lot smaller than I thought it would be
  • People are, for the most part, really friendly

Being in Toronto made me appreciate the natural beauty of Vancouver. However, there is just so much more to do. Being there was very comfortable. I think it may be time to turn over a new leaf. to come.....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The delicate art of gossip

Todd at idontlikeyouinthatway always good for a giggle.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yeah, he ain''t bad outta character

I tried to find this last night on youtube but I guess it wasn't up yet. If you haven't already seen it, enjoy, if you have, it's just as funny the second (or third?) time.

As promised....

Clint, and his bow-tie.

I also wanted to give honourable mention to Naomi Watts (beautiful in the a grecian inspired blue), Mary Louise Parker (this woman has the WHITEST skin and the LARGEST eyes), & Toni Collette!!

If you don't have anything nice to say....

...then only talk about the people you thought looked good.
I'm way too tired right now to correct the weird thing that is happening with my script.
I'm also far too tired to go hunting for a picture of Clint Eastwood. Suffice to say,
although I'm a bit dissappointed that an American film won for best foreign language film, and that I think he re-used his golden bow-tie from last year just with a black shirt instead of a white one; he was still the best dressed man. Aside from Jake (but he always looks hot). The men were all boring, the same version of the black and white tux. Yawn!
One word: Zexy!

Ok, the hair isn't my favorite, but she gets props for re-inventing the black dress. Not only does she make good use of a very big trend right now (gold) but the back to this dress is what really makes it stand out. Very unusual cut for an evening dress, especially in a year when we were seeing so many women wearing the strapless. She really hasn't made one fashion misstep for a long long time.


Another award show favorite, Felicity was hitting all the right notes last year and it looks like she is continuing the trend this year. Does anyone know how styles her? She's/He's doing an amazing job!

I have never been a Zellweger fan. Never. But, I like the dress (strapless was BIG this year!!) The colour is stunning, a real showstopper. I love the jewelled tone, and the simple knot detailing is very striking and gives this simple dress an intricacy and depth that would normally go unnoticed. On a side note, what is wrong with her face? It's just weird- how only parts of it moves and she looks like a botozed up 75 year old, creepy!

My best dressed winner for the night is Reese. She's just straight up foxy- a hit with the boys and the girls, for sure. Hair, perfect; bling, just the right amount; shoes, sexy; pedicure, beautiful; dress....AMAZING!!!! She totally made up for wearing a recycled chanel last year!

Helen was the belle of the ball at the Golden Globes. Elizabeth times two!! Plus she gets the "best bling" honours. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hardware! Anything goes well with gold I guess!

Here they are the golden couple. She looked stunning, absolutely magnificent! Anyone who says anything else is just jealous.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's just one of those days...

This is what I feel like today. Sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and today is definately one of those days for me. To make matters worse- it''s windy as all hell here and the weekly forecast reads like something from central/eastern canada at this time of year, high 0, -2, -1, snow, wind warnings, rain, clear but below freezing and then snow- AGAIN! We need to get this global warming thing in check ASAP!!!!!!

If you want to sympathize with my eternal nautiousness then just try to focus on the picture below for 10 seconds.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


So it's all about the shoes for me right now. I've been dressing quite tomboyish lately and that pair from vol de nuit are so classic and elegant! The faux leopard ankle boots are a very big departure for me but I saw them at zara and just couldn't resist. A great way to spice up my almost all black winter wardrobe. The thigh-highs I've had for a while, but i just haven't gotten around to posting them because my camera broke. They were the best find for $80, at true value vintage no less! I usually wear them without the cuff. Finally, I thought I'd spice things up and add a picture of my new development dress. I love the detailing and it fits like a glove.