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Sunday, September 30, 2007



Milan this season has been dull. Full of the same-old and a lot of recycled '70s references. Prada even left me scratching my head. Burberry was a lone bright spot. Versace was beautiful and quite paried down (for donatella) but the same sleek, loaded sexuality seen every season.

Dolce & Gabbana didn't look to the capri/ibiza/boxy-minimalist crib sheet. They were able to reference their past collection and yet make room for new expression. Sure there was that see-through, shifting silhouette (like at jill sander) and the painter/brushstroke artists look has been explored before but this collection stood out. The shrunken portfolio inspired handbags, the booties, the colours, the shapes, the exquisit fabrics... I loved it all.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

a couple

they're so freakin' cute together (and just plain HOT&SPICY seperate)

H&M Fun!

$25 (leggings) + $29 (sweater) + skirt ($14) = endless fun
I saw the leggings and I immediately thought of my friend so I decided to try and find an outfit to highlight them so that I could take these photos of myself.
I found a louder sweater (I actually considered purchasing the one I have on) in the men's section but couldn't be bothered to try the insane change room line-up again. The leggings are pretty fun but I'm just not a legging person and at $25 a pop they are a bit on the expensive side for wearing under my pants in the winter.
On a different note, H&M is currently promoting 'wearable art' in the form of t-shirts with illustrations from 5 up-and-coming swedish illustrators. I found one I like and think I might go back for it.

Friday, September 28, 2007

This Imaginary Life

I wish I were a lanky, quirky, creative genius from Texas...

A must read for any Wes Anderson fan (and even if you aren't)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Something Old

I may have quickly gotten over the Murakami LV prints introduced in 2003(due to the bazillions of knock-offs; the multi-coloured print on white is still going strong at knock-off stalls and on the arms of pretty little things 4 years on) but it didn't really affect my love of all other things Murakami. This video reminds me why I loved (and still do love) the superflat movement.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Je te manque

Friday, September 21, 2007

Urban Exotic

...first it was

and then it was
for better quality and to play a funny "spot me making funny faces" game follow the link:

And now, off to seek new adventures...

Monday, September 17, 2007


Arts and crafts my way.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Thakoon Three Ways

Paid the G-A-P a little visit to check out the wide leg jeans (no sizes in the style I liked) and ended up with a Medium sized Thakoon designed (for the CFDAs) white dress shirt.
Regularily retailing between $110-$120, it was on sale for $15.99
I admit that this shirt can be worn more than three ways and that all the ways I have displayed below are just variations on a theme. The medium sizing (i'm normally a small) leaves a bit too much material and makes wearing the shirt the way it is mean to be worn (as demonstrated above by Ms. Kass with the designer himself) a little challenging. I did make a minor adjustment to the shirt; sewing a small button to the end of one of the detachable ties (normally buttoned to either side of the collar) so that I could attach them together to use as a waist belt.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


So the Karl Lagerfeld collection at Mendocino is a bit lackluster.
I have to admit my favorites of his current collections are Chanel (of course) and Fendi (trendy and chic but a bit too much fur for my taste). The collections that bear his name, Lagerfeld Gallery and the new Karl Lagerfeld are a bit too close to his personal asthetic/style, and while this looks ridiculously chic on the Monsieur, I don't think it translates as well on us common folk.
Or maybe it translates too well and that bores me....
However, how much do I want one of those white and black Karl print t-shirts?!
(on mannequin left of the centre- and being horribly obscured by a black cropped jacket) The tri-coloured prints are nice too but not as stand-out-ish and it is my belief that if you are going to wear Karl Lagerfeld's face, front and centre on your person, it should be bold yet minimalistically so. No distractions, just pure KL.
It is an essential in the wardrobe of a card carrying KLN member (such as myself).

Envy & Admiration

Spotted on the ferry on the way back from VFest last Saturday night.
The size, colour, texture and dual handle choice all make this an item to covet.
lucky girl!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It's a little gusty and growley outside so I'm feeling less like going out to Miike at Midnight Madness tonight. I guess, we shall see.
I had a bad sort of running around in a circle kind of day, and so I'm hoping that can perk me up.
I don't know how I feel about the MJ collection, although I LOVED the accessories and the underwear(the gold booties, the strangely placed heels, the bagonbag action- w/ Vogue's peeping though, the reptilian and mouse shaped bobbles). None of it seems very wearable; it seems so jumbled and thrown together and not in a careless/effortless way but in a kind of self-effected way. Wish I could watch the runway show with the video that played in the back.
I can say that I really like the 3.1Philip Lim collection, especially the men's clothes, it all seemed so youthfully grown-up and laid back yet extremely well tailored.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

As cute as

Sarah Silverman is a god to me.

Hot Asian

Female Prisoner Scorpion

Fresh Off the Boat: V-Fest 07

Despite what has to be one of the most terribly thought-out venue transportation systems ever V-fest (at least the first day) proved to be truely spectacular. We arrived around 4:00pm after having miscalculated the enormous line-up of people waiting for the ferry, and using our smarts and feminine wiles to procure a more advantageous position.
As soon as we set foot on the island it was a race to the Virgin stage and MIA. I love this woman. Not only is she all sorts of hot and crazy energy, she just makes me want to move my feet and ass. The crowd was dissappointingly lacking in energy and movement. Only a handful of people were rocking out, well at least until the 3rd to last song when MIA invited people to rush the stage for Boyz. (Too bad the security, in typical jerkish fashion, was only allowing people to trickle in on one side of the stage).
Standing in for Amy Winehouse in the TBA spot was Kid Koala. I have not seen him perform for a very long time (despite the fact that he comes to Vancouver every year, and resides in Montreal). The heat was making his records sweat and subsequently skip but he managed to put a smile on my face nonetheless. Without fail Kid Koala always delivers. We lounged underneath a large tree and soaked up the beautiful day while listening to records that were the perfect accompaniment.
After his set we were going to see princess superstar on the blive stage but didn't want to leave our bags outside the stage entrance and so took to wandering the park instead. We ate funnel cake with the works, took a free trainride around "centreville" and doled out relationship advice to one of the employees. Then we settled in for the end of arctic monkeys (I really don't understand their popularity) and Interpol. The crowd for interpol, just like the crowd for MIA except with even less enthusiasm and this was despite and engaging performance, was ridiculously still and offered only polite applause and muffled cries of joy after each song. I felt embarrassed each time the camera panned out to the masses. People were definately into the set but couldn't bring themselves to MOVE, this is an outdoor music/rock festival, but seemed close to a contemplative meditation.
Then came the Icelandic Queen of Weird and Cute, Bjork, and her colour army (er, I mean band). Infront of colourful banners of birds, fish and reptiles and a full band, including an entire brass section, a percussionist, a dj, a keyboardist, a grand piano and about 4 back-up singers she presided over her court. Creating mass hysteria at about her 4th song, Army of Me. Dressed in an outfit that was part metallic doily, part terrible '80's prom dress with an electric green headband and barefeet she pranced, shook, and curtseyed until her particular brand of frenetic charisma had touched on every member of the crowd. Even the slightly jockish college boys were trembling and bobbing around from the spectacle. She didn't talk much, aside from introducing the band before the encore, a sprightly "tank-ou" or "merci bien" was all she uttered, but she sang almost continuously, effortlessly floating from one song to the next and offering distinct interpretations of a few of her older hits and never loosing that reverberating quality in her beautiful voice. So, just incase this review hasn't made it clear, I was entranced. She alone was worth the entire price of admission.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

NYC S/S08- So Far

Colours: Navy, and a muted-gold/mustard yellow

Patterns- not so much, but those that did show seemed like linear graphic abstracts or hundreds of erratic brushstrokes

Biggest trend: Volume, Volume, Volume!! Almost all designers added extra padding or the illusion of some....could be seen mostly in the many versions of the bunched and gathered bubble hem or a boxed-out hip/exaggerated pear-shape.

Favorite Show-so far- Proenza Schouler- Sure this is apredictable pick but in a sea of what often seems to be subdued minimalism PS just stands out! Militaristic, rock references. Lots of Layering. Lovely, wearable texturization in the metallic dresses and skirts (seemed to be ref F/W07 Prada but in a classical and subdued way). Concentration on legs and the waist. All this while still managing to keep up that refined elegance that the boys have come to be known for.

Favorite accessories-so far- jewellery at Vera Wang (pictured above), the shoes at Alexander Wang (multi-coloured, lace-up, saddle-shoe-inspired booty)

Birthdays that keep giving

I love birthday gifts, especially ones that don't fully come into fruition until 5 months after the birthday. Damn, if only Winehouse could deal with her crackhead ways... doesn't matter coz Bjork and MIA are really the ones to watch. LOVE IT! (Repping for the heterogamic chromosome there's Interpol, Arctic Monkeys, Matt Costa, and a Hood family favorite- Paulo Nutini, among many others)

Friday, September 07, 2007


Insightful, out-of-character interview with the real Stephen Colbert:

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

and it begins

Start thinking about those fall wardrobes ASAP (if you haven't already). I've started formulating outfits in my mind, like the one above.
The gloves (H&M) and shoes (Chloe- from my Montreal binge @ Holts) are new purchases.
I promise more on the shoes later.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Men in Black

Too bad Owen Wilson couldn't be there, but still, there's something for everyone, even without the butterscotch stallion.

An Almost Postsummer Nights' Play

Shakespeare in the park is a very common summer theme.
A great one.
So I went with some friends to High Park - my nature oasis- to see The Canadian Stage Company's modern take on A Midsummer Nights Dream.
I don't know what the synopsis was talking about by a paparazzi, pop-culture referencing rendition, I did not see any of that. What I did see was a few mild hip-hop references, many Afro-Caribbean ones (including Oberon and Titania's amazing, hypercoloured costumes) and an exuberant and jubliant celebration; the perfect "end" to summer. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a performance of Shakespeare, nor have I ever thought that every member of a cast was so equally impressive.
Sure, it isn't as idyllic as Bard on the Beach or as traditional as the Globe but it far surpassed my other summer Shakespeare experience, King Lear in Stratford (not to take away from the pleasure derived from a mini summer road trip with a few friends). Plus it is pay what you can (suggested $20) and outdoors among towering oak trees. You cannot really ask for a better setting for a play that requires audiences to be transported into a magical land of fairies.

Read about it, and prepare yourself for next year @

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Words of wisdom...

from The Sartorialist:

...she said like a throw-away qualifier was "I didn't know anyone in New York when I moved here...."
I think that is such a huge factor. To move to a city where you are not afraid to try something new because all the people that labeled who THEY think you are (parents, childhood friends) are not there to say " that's not you" or "you've changed". Well, maybe that person didn't change but finally became who they really are. I totally relate to this as a fellow Midwesterner even though my changes were not as quick or as dramatic.

I bet if you ask most people what keeps them from being who they really want to be (at least stylistically or maybe even more), the answer would not be money but the fear of peer pressure - fear of embarrassing themselves in front of a group of people that they might not actually even like anyway.If you were really honest with yourself and really wanted to change your style what is keeping you from doing that? Is it really the cost? Is it really your psychical shape? availability of goods? Or is it not fitting in at your office, or PTA, or skateboard park? ...

The subject who brought about this particular observation is actually roking the same hair cut as I am (or was since november). I've since decided that while i really love my bangs I might have to try something new now.
Anyhow, to see the before and after and to read the rest of Mr. Shuman's wise words:


This afternoon, when I finally saw fit to get dressed and take advantage of the gorgeous sunshine and mild humidity I decided to throw the above clothes on. My hair is a bit dirty and going a bit crazy (I need a hair cut but can't seem to actually and go and get one- I do love my Vancouver stylist- Nura @ Bent- so) so I threw on Kk's NYC New Era Skyline cap (flagship store just opened on Queen St) and off I went. Let me tell you, I have never recieved so many up and downs from a casual, semi-put together look. It was more a look of intrigue; I wasn't getting the nasty- what is she wearing- look. I really didn't think this outfit was anything special and so this reaction surprised me greatly: Is this outfit REALLY that stare worthy???
Maybe everyone was staring so hard because I was kinda rocking the androgyny and people were trying to figure out if I was a boy or girl? I don't get it.
(not included in the picture is the yellow leather shoulder bag I was carrying- featured in "hello yellow- August 5th 2007" an earlier post)

Shaw & Bloor

The 2nd mural is done by a local artist, who explained that he wants to start using images not commonly associated with graffati/street art in his murals.
When I happen upon these decorated alleyways I can't help but wish there was more of these little artisitc havens around town. Walking down the accompanying alleyway, towards Christie Pits Park, its pesky scrawled out tags that adorned the garage doors and shop backs it seemed foolishly childish and in stark contrast to the eye candy right across the street.