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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Newly Purchased

I bought these two items from the Alexander Wang-CFDA + GAP collaboration on tuesday.
I'm quite happy with both the pieces but I have to say that the sizing at the GAP is increasingly ridiculous.
I had to buy the jacket in an x-small, I was swimming in the small. I am by no means a large person but at 5'3" and 117lbs I am by no means the smallest. My shopping companion tried on and bought a VenaCava-CFDA+Gap dress in a size zero and while she is not curvy she does not possess the typical size zero body-type either.

Sizing in general has lately become a hot button topic for me. I don't understand why companies, especially North American ones (I have not noticed such a drastic change in sizing/fit with European brands), insist on pandering to our unhealthy obsession with weight and body image. They are just helping to entrench the practice of basing ones self-worth on a little number on the back of our clothing. The fashion industry should be trying to get people to accept themselves for what and who they are, to love the bodies they have. The north american fashion industry has instead decided to help propogate society's delusions.

We need to stop believing that we are something that we are not (smaller and skinnier). It isn't about the number on the back of our clothes but how those clothes look and fit on our bodies and how they make us feel when we are wearing them. There is no shame in being an actual extra large or having a 34 waist or being a size 8 just as there is no shame in being a true size zero or having a natural (meaning not dues to illness) 23 inch waist. Due to advances in technology, farming and health we, as a population and as a species are growing- not only increasing in numbers but increasing in individual size and strength. There is no reason for a company such as the GAP to have seperate sizing for North Americans that excludes petite, slim figures and sells white-lies to larger, more volumptuous ones.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Ladies day at Epsom racecourse.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Pretty dresses

oscar de la renta resort 2010

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Jason Wu in a flowing evening gown, Alexander Wang in ripped up cotton jersey, ripped up denim and oversized leather and marc jacobs wearing those bunny ears.... it's all in this year's CFDA Journal (photographed by Craig McDean).

Not pictured at the link are 18 of the 21 other CFDA winners and nominees such as Lazaro and Jack of Proenza Schouler.