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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great Lengths

I have always wanted beautiful, long eyelashes. Mine are very short, straight and barely noticeable. I curl my eyelashes and buy length "defying" and "volumizing" mascara with varying degrees of success. Today I had extensions applied to my eyelashes. The process didn't hurt (though having one's bottom lashes taped down so as to prevent them sticking to the extensions and effectively gluing one's eyes shut is a tiny bit uncomfortable) at all and took about 70 minutes for a full application. The extensions are glued on individually to your existing eyelashes. I find they definitely open up my eyes and made them look bigger and more noticeable without overpowering my face. They aren't uncomfortable like fake lashes and best of all after the initial 24 hour wait period I can work out, swim and do hot yoga with them in without fear of them falling out or clumping. Initial full application cost $60 and fills (done every 3-4 weeks cost between $15-$20).