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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

An Open Letter to Rona Ambrose

In response to this article.

Dear Ms Ambrose,
As a Canadian citizen and resident it is becoming increasingly clear to me that climate change and global warming are major issues that must be dealt with swiftly if we are to avoid severe environment repercussions. It is with this belief in mind that I write to you today. Your unfortunate conduct at the UN conference in Kenya shows that you have decided to continue what is quickly becoming the legacy of this Conservative minority government. What, you might ask, is this legacy. Why it is the demeaning act of name calling and finger pointing, something the government is in the news for, it seems, every week. It is sad and quite pathetic to see that this time the Conservatives have chosen and international venue to display their shameful behaviour. This government is suffering from severe youngest child syndrome- full of excuses and always looking to place blame on its older brother (in this case the previous Liberal government) for any criticism it may receive.

This week the Conservatives had a chance to redeem themselves, to put their money where their mouths are. To prove that the environmental and emissions policy that they have been championing will work to kick Canada out of 51st place (out of 56 countries) and the belief that due to its policies this country is "...blocking progress on the new mechanism for technology transfer to poor countries."

What happened instead? It was back to the blame game. What you don't seem to understand, Ms. Ambrose, and you are not alone in this, is that you are the party in power now. It no longer matters what came before because now it is all on you. We, the Canadian public, are watching to see what kind of policies YOU form, how YOU are to represent US in the international forums, and so far you are showing Canada to be a responsibility skirting, whiny, brat. The Liberals might have set the stage for our failure to live up to our promise of the Kyoto protocol but you are failing just as miserably.

Start taking some responsibility and table an environmental policy that shows we are really committed to helping with the severe problem of climate change. Stop pointing fingers and give us something to be proud of.

Drowning in BC

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