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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Holy Fur Batman!

I would like to preface this entry by saying that I have been really lethargic and unmotivated in keeping up with all the fall collections. The last two seasons have been really underwhelming for me. Sure my lookbook is packed with stuff, but I haven't seen anything to get me really excited and bubbling over with energy and ideas. In other words No Real POPWHOABAMMFLASH!
The award for most excessive and (sometimes hideous) use of fur at the NYC fashion week:
Oscar de la Renta
I have never been one to be all animal rights and up in people's faces about eating KFC or wearing fur/leather or any of that shit but come on! One in every 4 outfits that he sent down the runway had fur incorporated into the look.
It was as if he had his minions go into some wildlife preserve with a right to shoot, kill, and skin anything that was fury and moved.
Does a little shrug like the one above really compliment the dress that well? I didn't think so.
One of the examples of using fur beautifully.
I love the dress and I do like the little capped fur sleeves on the jacket, lovely accents

One of the heinous examples. The fur trim ruins the dress, it just looks tacky and a bit like a Russian prostitute.

Again, ugly fur trim.

Jessica Stam does her best Yeti impersonation.


Lael said...

If it means anything at all, real fur is better for the enviroment... although it is pretty hideous. Joan Rivers is going to look fabulous this Oscar season.

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