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Thursday, May 17, 2007

In & Around

I've been walking around and exploring bits of the city. On Queen West I was introduced to the Magic Pony Gallery ( Needless to say I was blown away. In the window was a display of large (plaster?) jellyfish, and inside were some great gems, including the above Kozyndan print (mounted $60, stand alone $30).

Also checked out QuasiModo ( Very cool and of course they stock Bensen- among many many others.

On my list of clothing stores to check out are Finn and TNT in Yorkville.

Finn is located a 1 Yorkville Ave, and is a small but beautiful store that sells women's clothes and accessories as well as a few home furnishings. I saw a beautiful gem incrusted frog ring, a small grey snakeskin clutch, and some great flow-y summer dresses as well as a jumper that could double as high-waister bubble skirt. The price points are high (most items start around $180) but most brands are small, detail oriented labels. You must check it out if for nothing other than the magnificent (plexiglass?) swan chandelier. (As soon as I get a connecting cord for my phone I will post some pics)

TNT ( is located in what must be one of the most expensive malls in Toronto. There is a concept store upstairs on the main level but the real find is the store on the lower mall level. This one is unisex and is packed with treasures. Labels like Velvet, Voom (anchor dress pictured above available in red and turqoise) and Mike & Chris, and unlike other stores in Yorkville (that shall remain namesless) they don't try to cheat their customers by mixing in overly priced low end goodies for the unsuspecting shopper.
The service is excellent (We went in 20 minutes before closing and stayed about an extra 45 minutes and were never rushed by the courteous staff). They also have an extensive denim collection stocking Earnest Sewn (apparently the store is in some familial-way connected with this brand), Superfine, Citizen, Tsubi, & J Brand among others. So instead of purchasing those ACNE's I'd been holding out for I got some amazing stone coloured bootcut (Tommy) Superfine's (with grey and pink pinstripped pocket lining) and a pair of dark-washed Citizen wide-legs (eventhough I had some reservations about the embroidered anchor pocket detailing). Again, the price points are HIGH (sky high- we are in Yorkville afterall) but the quality and design make it feel worthwhile. Loved the shopping atmosphere and will definately be going there again.