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Monday, August 13, 2007

Yeah, I think you're pretty lame too

The above photo exactly describes my feelings on faux-fashion fixation Sienna Miller, especially after sitting through two hours of my life I desperately want returned but will never get back (aka Factory girl)
I have never felt so mixed about a September cover for American Vogue. I know that her article and accompanying well-shot fashion spread (with Testino, Meisel or Demarchelier no doubt) will be easy to gloss-over but it's just the principle. I really feel that the industry is forcing their ill-concieved opinion on me. She just copies Topshop/K Moss, who has spent years being directed by the industry. I definately don't percieve her as any kind of trendsetter, if anything she's a follower.
I'm actually considering not buying it. I think I'll do a in-store flip-through before I make my final verdict. Besides what can I see in the magazine that I can't see online, except the hundreds of advertisements? That may have been a pre-emptive why-i-didnt-buy-this-seasons-fashion-bible explination, but I like to be prepared. Afterall, I was a girl guide.

To see the September 2007 cover go to:

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