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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I break with public opinion when it comes to Heroes Season 2, or I did until last night's episode.
What I like about Season 2:
  • developing the abilities
  • Elle
  • Sark! er.... I mean Adam
  • Getting some backstory on the company and especially Mrs. Petrelli's past (but I still have no idea what her and Kaito's abilities are)
  • Clair and West (I know that this story line has been quite corny but I think it's quite reflective of highschool/first loves)
  • The miseducation of Peter Petrelli (by the a fore mentioned I mean, Adam)
The things that are putting a terrible crimp into my enjoyment of the show:
  • Maya, I fucking hate this character. She's a naive moron and grates on every inch of my nerve and has since the very first moment I saw her onscreen. Beautiful girl, terrible character. Also completely unbelievable that she would just abandon her other half/brother for Sylar
  • Mohinder. He may be pretty but he's also a naive moron to the extreme. I forgave him in season one for this but it seems that the character's sole purpose is to idiotically latch onto some corrupted belief and fight for that, usually in defiance and to the detriment of his own moralistic cause. It drives me insane how fucking beyond-stupid and easily manipulated the character is. Plus, he can't act.
  • Niki/Mikha's storyline. Love the Granny but could care less about the copycat cousin. I really like Niki and Mikha but I couldn't care less about their storyline in this arc. It's just , yawn, SO BORING.

I'm on ther boderline with the Parkman storyline. I like that he's grappling with the invasiveness of his ability and how he is being manipulated and seduced by the power that it brings. But like with all the characters he too is obsessed with "doing the right thing" "being the hero" and "saving the world" and this ambition nearly always clouds his judgement, usually for the worse. Actually, I guess that would be my strongest complaint about the show in general. While I find this obsession in Hiro, the Patrelli's and Clair and Noah compelling, I can't stand it in Mohinder and it usually bothers me with Parkman. Also, why is it that the heroes can't seem to work together this year? Regardless, I'm in it for the long haul, so I'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Please just let Mohinder and Maya die and be gone. Please!!

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