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Friday, September 05, 2008

Terrible Sounds

For the last two months there has been endless construction going on outside my window. I don't know what needs jackhammering almost every day for two consecutive months but I'm quite fed up. I can barely think, can hardly write, let alone sleep and yet I see no fruit being borne of this endless cacophony of sound. It is days like this when I wish that I had bought a laptop instead of my ghetto ass dell pc (which I hate. Never again will I let price alone dictate the company I buy a computer from. Don't buy a dell). It isn't enough that this usually goes on for six days a week, that is starts at 8:30am (sometimes earlier!) and goes on until whenever they goddamn please but it has to be right outside my window! Oh yay, a moment's respite before the endless drilling starts up again. 

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