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Thursday, April 30, 2009


For the last two years I have been waiting for the Chicago Blackhawks. While everyone else was (rightfully) yapping about the Penguins and the Capitals (mostly for Ovechkin but shout out to Green and Semin) the team to watch -for me- was Chicago. I knew that they were re-emerging as a hockey power house and as someone who has always paid attention to hockey from the West Coast I have been excited to watch this team come into its own.

While watching the game tonight who did I spy in the team box but one of the greatest hockey masterminds, perhaps the greatest living today. Many teams owe a debt of gratitude to this man (Habs and Wings You know the awesomeness of this man). I knew that he had to have had a hand in the excitiment that is brewing in the windy city.

Too bad they are playing my team this round.

It's a case of new, exciting and hungry against older, experienced and starving.

(I don't have tv and I rely on live streaming, espn highlights and print media from both of these outlets and a few others for my hockey information and games and this is my excuse as to not have had confirmation that Mr Bowman was involved in the program in Chicago).

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