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Monday, March 08, 2010

My Best Dressed: Oscars 2009

Maggie G in Dries van Noten.

Despite the fact that I didn't want her to win-she did have the Best Speech of the night. One can't help but have a little bit of a girlcrush on Sandra Bullock-who also bucked the trend of strapless (with a pouffy or ruffles bottom half) and looked gorgeous in Marchesa. Hair and makeup were also on point.

I am so pleased the Hollywood chose honesty over hype this year. The Hurt Locker deserved best picture and Kathryn Bigelow deserved best director. The show, however, lacked some fun and panache. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were pretty funny but I missed Hugh Jackman. The way the show began was boring (bringing out the best actor nominees was dull) and the show should have started at 8pm instead of 830. Also, too many long vinegnettes and long introductions/montages that no one cares about-horror movies, explaining certain categories, showing a montage of scenes for best supporting actor/actress instead of one key all made the show drag.

Rachel McAdams in Ellie Saab couture

Meryl Streep in Chris March. She doesn't normally get it right but this simple and elegant tuxedo front dress was spot on and the terrific Ms Streep looked radiant.

After getting in right in red Valentino two years ago and getting it horribly wrong in some ugly wannabe prom outfit last year Miley Cyrus was a golden girl this year in Jenny Packham. One of the only strapless, with voluminous bottom dresses I actually liked. hair and makeup were elegant as well.

The Oscars What were you thinking award?! SJP, Zoe Saldana & Charlize Theron (really, swirly roses on your boobs, really?!)
The Oscars It could have been great award, except for: Cameron Diaz: lipstick, Tina Fey: hair, Carey Mulligan: the length of the front of the dress-should have been either shorter or longer.

thanks for the photos


Elfred said...
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Elfred said...

I agree with Rachel McAdams and Meryl. But Sandra Bullock? Serious? It looks like she looked at the 1995 red carpet highlights and picked a dress.

What about the chick from An Education? I thought she looked adorable.

Worst dress; Kathryn Bigelow. She looked like she was leafing through the 1995 highlights with Sandra and picked a dress worn by a Best Documentary nominee.

Maeir said...

No, the hem of Carey Mulligan's dress was too long in the front-it either needed to be floor length or above the knees. She is adorable tho.

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