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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hot Dog! Hot Doug!

Let's play a guessing game.
Which hot dogs are pictured here (all are from the list below)

Hot Doug's, Chicago
This mecca of encased meat is located in a barren area close to Wrigleville. It's a bit of a trek but I assure you well worth it. This is a place people willingly and happily wait in line-ups that can stretch up to 3 hours long. We waited 15-20 minutes at 3:30pm on a Saturday afternoon (Hot Doug's closes at 4pm). There are many doors, which must be kept closed, things are orderly and delicious. Doug, a warm and welcoming fellow, is at the counter taking orders and directing traffic. I let my eyes and stomach do the ordering which in hindsight was probably a mistake (note to self: two hot dogs and two large fries is too much) I was also really excited about the cherry cola fountain pop.

What We Ate:
duck fat fries, lg cheese fries, 2x sml fountain pop, smoked shrimp and pork sausage, foie gras & sauternes duck sausage, spinach & mozzarella chicken sausage ($30).

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