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Friday, January 02, 2009

Dear Anna,

“I could make a calendar of your cover girls, and it would probably repeat year after year.” She added: “Let’s face it: Vogue is getting a bit stale. It is a pity, too — because the magazine is still much better than the others.”

Could not have said it better myself (although I would not say it is still much better than ALL the others, just a few...ahem...Elle, et al...)

Here's a hint on how to revitalize: MIX UP YOUR COVERS!!! For every two celebrity covers, put a model on the cover. If you follow this advice please take heed for as much as I love natalia, gisele, daria, doutzen and for as much as I loathe zimmerman, moss and trentini try bringing in some NEW blood once in a while (daul kim, behati, anna s- although it may be tough to pry her away from Paris...). This goes for the celebrities as well (Kate Hudson, Paltrow, knightley, enough already).

Jan 09 was a great start!



ps. bring back the september covers, please

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