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Monday, January 19, 2009

Stone Cold

Ok, so let us speak on a subject I've been debating in my mind since before Christmas. The Feb. Paris Vogue Lara Stone full-frontal assault. Now, my feelings on Laura are mixed. I like the Heidi Slimmane photos. They are so uncanny, eventhough I have always thought her slightly masculine, these photos with the exaggerated shoulders and ill-fit resemble more a child than a man. Maybe I just like it when I'm not looking at her teeth and the space between them. Seriously though, she is most definately a mouth breather. Holy Batman, Marie-Ann Sauve! This photo shoot won me over. Right then and there I became a convert. It has been a long long long time in coming and I still have reservations but I believe my girl and I will be very happy. 


Lael. said...

Lara Stone is one of the hottest people on the planet. Her gap is Beautiful.

maeir said...

hottest- ok I agree but I prefer Poly for pure sex appeal. The Gap being beautiful is a matter of taste, I feel that it makes her more iconic and lends a small imperfection that creates an even more heightened sense of desirability, but in general I'm against gap teeth. She's a great model.