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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just, NO!

My distatste for leggings is well known. It isn't that I don't think that they are a useful and functional item or that they are completely unflattering. However, unless you have long, slim legs or are a model, you don't look good in them- trust me. This whole societal obsession with them is so, well, ugly. At first people wore them to keep cold in the winter (totally practical), then everyone was just wearing them under their dresses, while waiting out the coldish early spring/late fall weather (practical but easily led astray), and then -BOOM- they were (horror and horrors!) EVERYWHERE!
On most, leggings just cut your legs too short and you end up making your legs look like two bound and wrapped sausages, or if you are very skinny, two tightly wrapped sticks. If you decide to go with this look sans dress- say- with just a mid length t-shirt, you not only look short-legged but also run the high risk of camel-toe and looked-like-i-forgot-to-wear-pants syndrom.
When Nicolas Ghesquiere sent his models down the runway for fall/winter 2007 in these robotic metal leggings I actully LOVED it- finally an interesting, beautiful, not to mention creative spin on leggings!! These leggings happen to be custom made and cost around $100,000 (according to a quick google search) and this explains why the metallic leggings from AA became so popular (*shudder* if I think black leggings should be worn with caution you can imagine what kind opinions I hold towards shiny, metallic ones).
And now this. seriously. Those things were made for fashion editorials, not for Beyonce to squeeze her gigantic birthing hips and thunder thighs into. You look TERRIBLE Beyonce, and I don't care if it is a stage costume, you made high fashion look worse than those gaudy stripper-esque "creations" your mom makes. I am well aware that Beyonce has a great body, a booty the size of two gigantic watermelons and can in no way be considered fat or ill-proportioned but... wrong outfit for your body-type and THIS is what happens. gross. and it's not just the picture and the angle it's taken at- I looked through many pictured of this outfit- there isnt a flattering one among them- even the ones where she's trapped inside the metallic robot capsule thing- a la Kylie 2002 Fever world tour- If it's even possible her hips and thighs look MORE massive, her rock-hard abs more squished, her torso less elongated in the other photos. The very epitome of what i was talking about- how terribly misguided the use of leggings has become.
Please, I'm begging all you girls out there, give up the leggings. Just. Stop. Please.


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