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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Last Night

KATWALK & GETJANET PRODUCTIONS presents...Toronto's Premiere Night of Fashion and Music at The Ultra Supper Club... NIKE STREET HEAT STYLE /SUMMER 07 FASHION SHOW

I'm sorry I've been bad with posting the flyers to events I've been attending, I promise to get on that. So Last night I went to this Nike Street Heat Style Summer Fashion Show @ Ultra. The club was suitably hip with a great patio (seemingly a must in toronto) and it was filled to the brim with well-groomed, very young-money types.
The fashion show was pretty good. The styling of the girls was remeniscent of the Meisel shoot for Italian Vogue in June 2006 "Non-Stop Ultimate Pumping" (pictured abouve) with a heavy dose of American Apparel, espeically one run that had the girls coming out in Very high waisted, lycra cotton-based, short-shorts and tight-Nike collared shirts worn knotted in the back. Also another outfit which had the model in white jean short-shorts, a hiked up Nike printed t-shirt and a gold lame, cross-back, open-fronted body suit.
The accessories were pretty fun, all ghetto gold (except for the yoga girl who wore intricate gold chandelier earrings) with fun pendants, like a teddybear or crown and nike sneaker belt buckles. The sneaker selection didn't impress me much; I felt like I had seen most of the sneakers on a recent trip to Livestock/Goodfoot. I did enjoyed the brightly coloured, patent leather, open toed stilettos the girls wore down the runway with most of their outfits. One look was styled by pairing these with socks, printed to look like Nike shoes (see 2nd photo above- although the shoes are different). This was probably my favorite styled-item of the show.
Two terrible oversights from the show last night: a pair of jeans worn down the runway with the tag still dangling down beside the model as he walked the runway and a cap also worn with the tag sticking up out of the top of the cap like a propeller.
The fashion show was broken up by little aerobic routines. There were break-dancers and extreme fitness girls and two yogis. The yoga team put on the most impress display, though their outfits left a little to be desired (nike sports bra for the girl, sleeveless lycra tank-top for the guy and thai/tie pants all in black).


Lael said...

Hey. Thats my missing Nike Sock! Those bitches!

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