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Monday, July 30, 2007

Visa supports Vice

Shopping is to me what booze&blow is to Miss Lohan, complete with enabling friends. The difference? I can admit that I have a problem, and accept responsability for my actions! This, however, does not mean that I am seeking treatment for my addiction. I am now sealing away my visa and filing it away in an envelope to be tucked into the corner of a small drawer in my room and not removed until christmas (or my next trip to montreal).

The lethal combination of a great vintage store (with a friendly and knowledgeable owner & on the same block as Alanna and Patrick's) and the Holt Renfrew Now or Never sale proved too great a temptation. Rideshare with strange asian man, neighbourhood-gazing, cooking, smoking, Finally getting to see TTC!!!!!, meeting new people, walking, shopping, baking, movie watching and then making the 6 hour trek back to TO -on a stomach empty with krispy creme and water- with Doug and Patrick. All in all quite a fulfilling weekend.
I did buy a few more things- but I couldn't take a suitable photo of the items. So you will have to wait to see them in all their glory and turn green with envy at the very sight!!
shoes: stuart weisman from Holts
Hangbag & dress (complete with pink slip and pink Chanel ribbon/belt) from E.R.A. Vetement-vintage-wear

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Lael said...

That Vintage store is the bomb. You jerk.