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Monday, February 02, 2009

Why so prevalant?

The unfortunate reality is, that in order to sell, fashion magazines have to put celebrities on their covers. That is what peaks the interst of the ordinary consumer, and what sets their issues apart from their competitors. FASHION is usually very good about using models on their covers, but their celebrity issues far out sell their model-covered ones (hilary duff in 2008 was their biggest seller). I'm sure this MKOlsen issue will sell incredibly well, much to my chagrin. She looks awful on the cover. Actually, she almost always looks awful, that's because, although she is skinny, she's not much in the face department. Smiling never came easily to the Olsens, although in some candid shots their smiles can look less forced. You'd hope that photoshop could help with that, but I guess not. I wonder who did the styling, hopfeully it was Tammy Eckenswiller. Apparently MK had very strong opinions about what they dressed her in. That is why working with models is far preferred to working with celebrities. Celebrities are egos, who think they have better taste and loftier opinions than you do. Oh, and MK if you can't stand to look like everybody else then I suggest you stop with the whole I'm-a-rich-faux-hipster-who-wants-to-look-like-a-thrift-store-ruffian-in-john-lennon-glasses look. It's been done, and it's over.

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