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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I finally got some photos off my camera

You may or may not know that the new and exciting way my computer has decided to piss me off is by not recognizing the usb chord for my camera. Any photos that I take cannot be directly related onto my pc. So, this means that I have a huge backlog of photos to share with you!

These three photos are all taken at Holt Renfrew, two over Christmas and one this week. The first photo is a DVF blazer with a skirt like vent area, the second is a miu miu jacket and the third is a Helmut Land one-shoulder black wool dress with black silk pleated deatil (necklace is my own). Of the three I bought only two pieces, of the two I am returning (horror of horrors) one. In my defence I only bought the item so that my boss could use it as inspiration for an item they are having custom made for myself. So can you guess which is which? Bought, Returning & Wishful Thinking....

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