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Friday, February 13, 2009

Where's the love?

"Valentine's Day is quite possibly the worst holiday for men."

and that quote is from Men's Health

If you take away the -for men part- and just end the sentence after -holiday- then I agree. I can't stand the expectation, the idea that most women buy into- that expecting some lavish display of affection in the form of a gift, a "special" activity, dinner or some combination of all three is somehow a valid show of romance. Did you know that on average guys, not women, just the GUY spends $156 on this hallmark 'holiday'? For girls that amount is $90, but I would hedge a bet that the average girl expects to pay $0. 

And what happens if these expectations aren't fulfilled? Well, the guy just isn't romantic, not a good boyfriend. It doesn't matter, if he came to pick you up and held your hair back while you were sick all over his car one night after too many vodka shots, or if he surprised you with flowers one day just to see you smile, if he doesn't go all out and plan something splashy for Feb 14th then he's a jerk. It doesn't matter if you didn't get him anything and he made you a candle-lit dinner or got tickets to a play, you're the girl, if he's lucky you might put on some nice underwear (that he won't even notice cos he'll just be ripping your clothes off anyway) to mark the occasion. It's pure bullshit.

Now, this may seem like some bitter rant from a single gal, but it isn't. I have never been a fan of v-day, not since I was 12 and stopped giving a card & candy to every member of my elementary school class (so that no one would feel left out and everyone would feel liked). I have always insisted, if I happen to be in a relationship, that the day go by as any other, unmarked and uncelebrated. I have never received more than a card, with a picture of the Rock on it and that wasn't meant to be romantic. 

The most romantic gestures are the ones that you don't expect. These don't require reminding and prodding, they don't require a monetary value, they aren't some show piece for you to parade around the water cooler to the envy of all your friends and co-workers. They are from the heart and they shouldn't always be from the guy. 

(the picture posted, has nothing to do with what is written, just some henry cavill eye-candy for you to feast upon...mmm tasty!)

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