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Thursday, September 13, 2007


So the Karl Lagerfeld collection at Mendocino is a bit lackluster.
I have to admit my favorites of his current collections are Chanel (of course) and Fendi (trendy and chic but a bit too much fur for my taste). The collections that bear his name, Lagerfeld Gallery and the new Karl Lagerfeld are a bit too close to his personal asthetic/style, and while this looks ridiculously chic on the Monsieur, I don't think it translates as well on us common folk.
Or maybe it translates too well and that bores me....
However, how much do I want one of those white and black Karl print t-shirts?!
(on mannequin left of the centre- and being horribly obscured by a black cropped jacket) The tri-coloured prints are nice too but not as stand-out-ish and it is my belief that if you are going to wear Karl Lagerfeld's face, front and centre on your person, it should be bold yet minimalistically so. No distractions, just pure KL.
It is an essential in the wardrobe of a card carrying KLN member (such as myself).

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