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Friday, September 14, 2007

Thakoon Three Ways

Paid the G-A-P a little visit to check out the wide leg jeans (no sizes in the style I liked) and ended up with a Medium sized Thakoon designed (for the CFDAs) white dress shirt.
Regularily retailing between $110-$120, it was on sale for $15.99
I admit that this shirt can be worn more than three ways and that all the ways I have displayed below are just variations on a theme. The medium sizing (i'm normally a small) leaves a bit too much material and makes wearing the shirt the way it is mean to be worn (as demonstrated above by Ms. Kass with the designer himself) a little challenging. I did make a minor adjustment to the shirt; sewing a small button to the end of one of the detachable ties (normally buttoned to either side of the collar) so that I could attach them together to use as a waist belt.

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