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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Words of wisdom...

from The Sartorialist:

...she said like a throw-away qualifier was "I didn't know anyone in New York when I moved here...."
I think that is such a huge factor. To move to a city where you are not afraid to try something new because all the people that labeled who THEY think you are (parents, childhood friends) are not there to say " that's not you" or "you've changed". Well, maybe that person didn't change but finally became who they really are. I totally relate to this as a fellow Midwesterner even though my changes were not as quick or as dramatic.

I bet if you ask most people what keeps them from being who they really want to be (at least stylistically or maybe even more), the answer would not be money but the fear of peer pressure - fear of embarrassing themselves in front of a group of people that they might not actually even like anyway.If you were really honest with yourself and really wanted to change your style what is keeping you from doing that? Is it really the cost? Is it really your psychical shape? availability of goods? Or is it not fitting in at your office, or PTA, or skateboard park? ...

The subject who brought about this particular observation is actually roking the same hair cut as I am (or was since november). I've since decided that while i really love my bangs I might have to try something new now.
Anyhow, to see the before and after and to read the rest of Mr. Shuman's wise words:

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