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Saturday, September 01, 2007


This afternoon, when I finally saw fit to get dressed and take advantage of the gorgeous sunshine and mild humidity I decided to throw the above clothes on. My hair is a bit dirty and going a bit crazy (I need a hair cut but can't seem to actually and go and get one- I do love my Vancouver stylist- Nura @ Bent- so) so I threw on Kk's NYC New Era Skyline cap (flagship store just opened on Queen St) and off I went. Let me tell you, I have never recieved so many up and downs from a casual, semi-put together look. It was more a look of intrigue; I wasn't getting the nasty- what is she wearing- look. I really didn't think this outfit was anything special and so this reaction surprised me greatly: Is this outfit REALLY that stare worthy???
Maybe everyone was staring so hard because I was kinda rocking the androgyny and people were trying to figure out if I was a boy or girl? I don't get it.
(not included in the picture is the yellow leather shoulder bag I was carrying- featured in "hello yellow- August 5th 2007" an earlier post)

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